Wealthy Trades is a Minneapolis-based trading and investing education firm. Wealthy Trades focuses on risk management and employs market-neutral trading strategies in its market analysis. These and other methods are brought to order in the regular, educational in person webinars that are part of the Wealthy Trades offering.

With more then 10 years of combined market experience, the Wealthy Trades team truly has the inside edge in the trading and investing world. They understand what really makes the markets move and what successful traders and investors focus on to make money.

The main components to the Wealthy Trades strategy: (High Probability, High Profit!)

  1. True Trend analysis (We define where the market or the stock is really moving!)
  2. Key levels (Trend Shift levels) that form levels of high volume buying and selling pressure!
  3. Establish the credit spreads in the direction of the trend, above or below key levels and outside of an expected range!

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